This Note's For You LP

This Note's For You LP

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Artist: Neil Young & The Bluenotes
Release date: 4/12/1988
Produced by: “The Volume Dealers”: Neil Young & Niko Bolas
Neil Young: vocal guitar
Chad Cromwell, Ralph Molina: drums
Rick Rosas, George Whitsell: bass
Frank Sampedro: keyboards
Steve Lawrence: lead tenor saxophone
Ben Keith: alto saxophone
Larry Cragg: baritone saxophone
Claude Cailliet: trombone
Tom Bray: trumpet
Steve Onuska: tambourine

1. Ten Men Workin2. This Notes For You3. Coupe De Ville4. Life In The City5. Twilight6. Married Man7. Sunny Inside8. Cant Believe Your Lyin9. Hey Hey10. One Thing